Weight loss journey
Weight loss journey
This is where it gets interesting, as each of us probably likes different exercises.  I like to do ab exercises, walk and a little light lifting, my wife really likes to walk and do cardio.  It really does not make much difference as long as you have a good exercise regimen (including some cardio), you have to move!

When many people decide to lose weight they increase how often they workout.  If they have never worked out before sometimes they jump in to a workout program where they are working out five days a week which is not necessary. If you are already working out a few days a week, you do not need to change it.  There is not reason to burn out and stop exercising, just have a sensible excercise program.  If you are not currently exercising, start by walking (doing steps) while you are watching television.  You can walk around the yard, neighborhood or wherever you want.  Just start moving, get more active than you currently are.

When we lose weight we have a caloric deficit, so we burn both fat and muscle.  If we do little to activate our muscles on a weekly basis they deterioate much faster.  You need to incorporate strength and/or weight training one or two days a week, exercises like squats, pushups, tricep dips, sit ups, lunges, etc., or lifting weights.  Don't concentrate only on isolation isolation exercises like curls, crunches, bridges and leg extensions as they are not good for weight loss, but they will add definition to your muscles.  Compound exercises burn more calories while you are doing them and and after your workout because of an effect called excess post-exercise oxygen consumption (EPOC - a measurably increased rate of oxygen intake following strenuous activity).  I guess that is why my wife likes cardio!

My wife really likes BeachBody On Demand.  For a while now they have been offering a $99.00 special for one year of access.  It is cheaper than most gym memberships.  Some of her favorite routines are Hip Hop Abs cardio with Shaun T and Slim 6 Cardio with Debbie Siebers.  There are also some exercise programs from YouTube that she really likes, one is Bat wings II by Tracy Campoli.  There are so many exercise programs online, you could probably do a different one each day for serveral years without doing the same one twice, so you really do not have an excuse not to exercise.  It is convienient, you can do them in the privacy of your own home at whatever time you want, and you don't have to worry what the weather is like.

It is not necessary to have a membership to a gym, health center or Beachbody on Demand, you don't even need exercise videos, but it can make it easier when there is a routine to follow.  Also having access to different videos helps keep you from getting bored doing the same thing day after day.  We purchased a Roku so she could send the exercises to the television.  She also has Walk Away the Pounds Express - Super Challenge a four mile, 1 hour walking workout dvd from 2013 that we have used off and on since then. 

We have found it nice getting up early each Saturday and Sunday mornings to go for a walk at our local bike trail.  We get up just in time to start our walk at dawn, just before the sun comes out and makes it too warm.  If you do not have a bike trail near by, you could do a few laps around the block, walk around a football field, or stroll down a country road.  There are many trails within 1/2 hour of our home, each slightly different, and they can make for a good afternoon stroll.

In the beginning things were much different!  Walking for any distance or even the thought of working out was not there, the extra weight made doing things others take for granted seem like hard work.  So where did she start?  Well like most of us, in front of the television, that's right... She plugged in the Wii, and started walking in the living room.  After she would start the walking program, she would turn the channel and could hear the click through the controller and would keep step to it while watching TV.  As time progressed, she kept getting stronger and stronger to where some days I have a hard time keeping up.  Before she started she would tell me she was having a hard time keeping up with co-workers when leaving work, then after a while, they would tell her to slow down.... Exercise does work!

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